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Sonata for Cello and Piano

Fribbins, Peter

Sonata for Cello and Piano

A piece commissioned by Raphael Wallfisch and John York and premiered by them in the Wigmore Hall in 2005. Fribbins says of this work: "I was not sleeping well at the time - I kept hearing in my mind a repeating, toccata-like piano figure with some open-spaced pizzicato cello chords, all within an alternating set of 7/8 - 4/4 - 3/8 metres. Sitting at the piano the next morning, I was struck that I remembered the pitches precisely and that, in the cold light of day, the idea was as vivid and effective as I'd imagined."

Raphael Wallfisch and John York would later record this piece for Fribbins' CD 'I Have the Serpent Brought' on Guild GMCD 7343.


Cello and Piano



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