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Prospero's Isle

Brown, James Francis

Prospero's Isle

"Many composers have fallen under the spell of Shakespeare’s The Tempest and I am sure that this will long continue to be the case. The mysterious power of music is referred to throughout the play - indeed, music is a tangible representation of Prospero’s spells and charms. However, it was not exclusively the magical aspects of the play that attracted me, for The Tempest is also a study of power and mastery over people, events, even the very elements of nature. It is tempting as a composer to see parallels with the organisation and control over the elusive substance of music itself."

Prospero's Isle is a single movement work divided into four distinct sections whose tempi are slow - fast - slow - fast respectively. Thematic elements are shared and transformed throughout these sections. The characters of Prospero, Miranda and Ariel are alluded to but this is rather in terms of their qualities than any narrative description. The work is dedicated to Gemma Rosefield.

Prospero's Isle is recorded by Gemma Rosefield and Nicola Eimer on Guild 7354


Cello and Piano



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