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Prelude and Fugue on the hymn tune 'Cromer'

Fribbins, Peter

Prelude and Fugue on the hymn tune 'Cromer'

Fribbins has a history with the English hymn tune Cromer: in 2005 he was invited (along with several other British composers) to compose a piece for organ based on the tune (which was the Prelude), and was first performed by the composer's friend Michael Frith.

Cromer has stayed with Peter since and has made several appearances in his subsequent work (becoming the basis of his second string quartet which can be heard on Peter's CD release The Moving Finger Writes GMCD 7381), and a 5-voice fugue was added as a present to Frith for his 70th Birthday.

The Prelude is contemplative and free in nature (although on repeated listening, it becomes clear that there is a huge amount bubbling under the surface) and the fugue opens with the notes of the melody 'verticalised' into a sustained chord before embarking on a fugue and closing on a confident C major chord.





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