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Le Tombeau de Rachmaninov

Hugh, Stephen; Mills, Alan; Fribbins, Peter; Brown, James Francis; Yosmimatsu, Takashi

Le Tombeau de Rachmaninov

Commissioned by Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall, and premiered there by Noriko Ogawa, this work celebrates the lives of two of the most important composers of piano music in the early 20th Century: Ravel and Rachmaninov. It follows the same form as Ravel’s ever-popular Le tombeau de Couperin.
Le tombeau de Rachmaninov features pieces from Music Haven composers James Francis Brown, Alan Mills, and Peter Fribbins; and movements by Stephen Hough (one of the Economist’s “20 living polymaths”), British Composer Award Winner Cecilia McDowall, and Japanese composer Takashi Yoshimatsu.





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