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Anima For SATB Choir

Blinko, Timothy

Anima For SATB Choir

This contemplative a capella choral work is suitable for amateur and professional choirs and despite some moments of extended vocal range is comfortably written for voices.

Composer' Programme Note

Anima is a companion piece to the Allegri Miserere, with a similarly dramatic solo soprano line featuring top Cs. The choral parts were written to be satisfying and within the grasp of a confident amateur choir, while the handbells are entirely optional, and can be used if available.

Anima is unusual in many ways, with its reflective and timeless text. Notions of relativity and time moving, standing still and fluctuating are very important in my music, as is reminiscence and reflection; all of these are combined in Anima. It also draws structurally on Renaissance music in some respects, though not in others. The piece also gives a glimpse into the 'missing' dimensions, which we cannot yet perceive.


SATB Choir



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