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Occasional Pieces -Complete Edition

Occasional Pieces -Complete Edition


Occasional pieces is a collection of 6 works by composers Alan Mills, Philip Flood, John Borstlap, Peter Fribbins, Matthew Taylor and James Francis Brown.


This anthology has been called ‘Occasional Pieces’ because most of its contents were written in response to a particular type of occasion - a meeting, an event or a visit of some kind. The first item, for example, was originally conceived by Alan Mills as a musical portrait of the American composer Virgil Thomson, whom he had just met; while the ‘Albumblatt’ of John Borstlap was presented as a gift to a couple celebrating the birth of a new baby. James Francis Brown’s ‘Ingworth’ was inspired by a village in rural Norfolk and most of the other pieces here have similar connections.


As each piece was written independently from the others, it could certainly be played on its own - perhaps as an encore after a recital. However, the pieces have been arranged to form a kind of ‘cycle’ or composite work that could, if desired, be performed in its entirety as published here. It is hoped that, whatever approach is taken, the contents of this volume will be of interest to any professional or amateur pianist looking for new additions to their repertoire.


Important note. This purchase is for a single copy of the work. The further circulation, dissemination or printing of multiple copies from this digital download is not permitted.

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