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Pavel Zemek Novák - Preludes and Fugues Book 4

Pavel Zemek Novák - Preludes and Fugues Book 4


'I have no doubt that these 24 Preludes and Fugues are one of the 

finest piano works of our time’    David Matthews 

The twenty-four Preludes and Fugues by Pavel Zemek Novák (b.1957) were written for pianist William Howard over a 17-year period (1989-2006) and reflect the evolution of his musical language during this time.



The 75-minute work is divided into four books, the first two based on the Old Testament and the second two on the New. The 12 Old Testament preludes and 12 fugues all have individual titles, beginning with The Creation of Heaven and Earth and The Creation of Man and ending with two movements called Isaiah. Book Four, 'Landscapes of the Lamb', abandoning the prelude and fugue structure in favour of short fugues followed by shorter postludes, largely employs this unison method in the fugues, which are mostly in fast tempi.


Important note. This purchase is for a single copy of the work. The further circulation, dissemination or printing of multiple copies from this digital download is not permitted.

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