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Haydn String Quartet in D minor Op.103

(completed) Haydn, Joseph x Drabkin, William

Haydn String Quartet in D minor Op.103

For the first time we have the opportunity to experience Haydn's final thoughts for string quartet in a thoroughly convincing context. Haydn specialist William Drabkin has provided intelligent, persuasive and highly enjoyable outer movements to the two extant central movements of Haydn's last quartet. The 'new' movements are based on recently discovered sketches for this work and closely related material.

In the spring of 1799 Haydn began work on a new set of six quartets for Prince Joseph von Lobkowitz. Two where completed by the summer (Op. 77), but the remainder where set aside in favour of other projects. In 1802 Haydn returned to the outstanding quartets, but at the age of 70 his powers of concentration were in decline and having completed two middle movements and sketches for the first movement of the third quartet, Haydn abandoned all further efforts on the quartets.

This four-movement edition should be of interest to both professional string quartets and talented amateur quartets who seek a solution to the problem of programming Haydn's final quartet masterpiece.


String Quartet



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