Released on the Guild label and performed by some of Britain's finest chamber ensembles, this CD features four incredibly memorable works by Fribbins and is a must for all devotees of chamber music.

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“Fribbins is a composer with something to say”

- Richard Whitehouse. International Record Review


"Fribbins’ style is closer to that of Britten or even a mellow Shostakovich" - Music Web

“[an] immensely rewarding collection of chamber music”

- Barnaby Rayfield. Fanfare Magazine


I Have The Serpent Brought

Chamber Music by Peter Fribbins

Track Listing


 Piano Trio


1.  I. Drammatico                           10:28

2.  II. Profondo e con passione        5:26

3.  III. Allegro Tempestoso              6:00

String Quartet No.1 'I Have the Serpent Brought'

4.  I. Adagio - Allegro                      6:16

5.  II. Adagio                                    4:36

6.  III. Recitativo                              1:23

7.  IV. Presto                                     2:35

Sonata for Cello & Piano

8.   I. Prelude:Andante Innocente     5:27

9.   II. Aria: Larghetto                       6:05

10. III. Toccata: Drammatico            6:40

Quintet for Clarinet & Strings

11.  I. Andante                                   2:56

12.  II. Scherzo on seven notes          3:39

13.  III. Interlude                                3:37

14.  IV. Poco piu mosso                     4:02

Featured Artists

The Angell Trio

The Allegri String Quartet

Raphael Wallfisch (cello)

John York (piano)

James Campbell (clarinet)

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